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Edvardson Publishing Is an Independent Self Publishing Company Located in Sunny Fort Myers, Florida

We sell, market, and distribute various works authored and created by Edvardson's founder and President, Roger Edwards. Our titles can be purchased through a preferred wholesaler (Ingram Content, for example) or online through EdvardsonDirect.

With a goal of providing quality and salable personal growth and development products, we specialize in children's books, motivational and inspirational books, and leadership development books.

We think you'll agree that we're easy to do business with. We know great customer service is critical to both of our successes. Like yourself, we are a small entrepreneur company and we currently serve just over 100 independent bookstores in nine states in the south east U.S.

We guarantee the quality of our books and your complete and total satisfaction is paramount.

The Toy Kangaroo

During a school fund raiser, a local vendor set up a display which included several tables in the school cafeteria. He brought with him a number of miscellaneous items to sell. Among these items was a wide assortment of colorful and whimsical toys ranging in price from $1 to $5. There was a $1 table, a $2 table, a $5 table, etc.

Edvardson Publishing's founder, Roger Edwards doesn't recall why his attention was immediately drawn to a small grey toy kangaroo. And although he also doesn't remember on which table sat that particular toy, he does remember he didn't have enough money to buy it. At that very moment he became acutely aware of how his family was different from most others. Namely, they were poor.

Throughout his childhood and teenage years, his family managed to survive with the help from welfare and government financial assistance. Today, as he assess his achievements accomplished in spite of his early upbringing, He has decided to use the kangaroo as a symbol of his life's journey. Perhaps it's because the kangaroo represents strength, balance and survival. Or perhaps it's because of the memory he has of a young child who once longed for an unattainable, small grey toy which sat on a vendor's table those many years ago.

Omer Edwards (1884-1988)

Edvardson Publishing was named in memory of Omer Edwards, the Great Grandfather of Edvardson Publishing's founder, Roger Edwards. Omer Edvardson was born in Norway on December 4, 1884. An imigrant, he became a US citizen and Americanized his last name to Edwards. He lived in a small farming town in northern Iowa where he held a public office and volunteered for varioius civic organizations. Omer was featured in a Time Magazine article on immigration during Ronald Reagon's administration. The article included a picture of him celebrating his 100th birtday. Omer passed on January 21, 1988 at 103 years old.